Company with past and future

Professionalism, Quality, Innovation

The company "PAPAKOS S.A" was founded in 1978 by Fotios Papakos as "S. & F. PAPAKOS Ltd ", which was mainly importing and distributing malleable iron-pipe fittings.

Since 1999, the company was handed over to brothers Stelios and John Papakos, who run the company and since then the company has significantly expanded by including all kind of plumbing and heating products.

The company's warehouses are located in Iera Odos Str. 79 in Votanikos-Athens, in a very convenient point in the center of Athens and adjacent to the majority of the biggest transportation and logistics agencies.

The wide range of products in combination with the swift, professional and high-quality customer-care services are fundamental characteristics of our company and the main reason why "PAPAKOS S.A" is considered as one of the most competitive and recognizable companies in the domestic industry.

Additionally, the continuous search for new, high-quality and technologically advanced products both by the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world results to a range of products fully conformed with all modern technological developments, innovations and necessities in the sector of plumbing and heating.

The persistence on constant self-improvement, fast and friendly service and finally the unparalleled quality combined with economical prices is the reason why "PAPAKOS S.A" consists a reliable option that can hardly be replaced.

Special service Papakos SA

Comprehensive, integrated service provider for our customers

Direct Sales

Sales at the company headquarters every day (Monday to Friday) 08:00 - 16:00

Direct Delivery in Greece

Fast and direct delivery all over Greece

Delivery abroad

Fast and direct delivery to destinations abroad

Consulting services

Providing expert’s advice on detailed installation instructions, energy efficiency requirements, performance warranties

Sales network

Network of experienced sellers on individual customer service, product sampling and delivery orders

Product Warranties

Quality and Reliability By Papakos SA
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