PAPAKOS SA - "Entering a New Era"

"PAPAKOS SA" is entering a new era. Highlighting our online presence and directly communicating through our website with our customers and partners.

The web user can quickly navigate among the main sections of the main menu, which consists of the sections "Home", "Company" "Products", "News", "Contact".

The online visitor has the opportunity to visit:

A. the "Home" section to:

  • be introduced into the activities of the company
  • browse the most popular products and learn about their characteristics and properties
  • determine the total number of products, suppliers and customers, and the year of the company foundation
  • visit the digital library and browse our corporate directories and magazines
  • learn about all the available services including technical consulting, fast order completion, after sales services all of which form a friendly and professional customer support
  • be informed about the services the company provides and the provided integrated customer service
  • sign-in in order to be informed through the newsletter services
  • interface with the company's social media

B. The "Company" section to:

  • study the company profile of "PAPAKOS SA"
  • know about the history of a company which exists for over 40 years
  • determine the quality characteristics of the company which were capable to determine its successful course in Greek and international market
  • understand the depth and effectiveness of the provided service delivery, the administrative capacity and the friendly customer support
  • benefit from reliable and timely provision of specialized consulting services
  • subscribe to the company newsletter to be promptly informed of developments in trade and services, exchange rates and metal trading prices

C. the "Products" section to:

1.find out the classification of the categorized products through a simple, understandable and fast browsing in eight (8) sections:

2. navigate to each of the eight (8) categories and discover the full extent and analysis of all distributed products

3. navigate easily between the main categories and sub-categories of the main menu

D. the «Company News» section to:

  • learn first the news of "PAPAKOS S.A" (new catalogues, offers, events, etc)
  • be informed in time for the evolution of services
  • be informed of all technological developments in the industry
  • to receive the necessary information and expert advice on the technical characteristics of the products, their installation and efficiency

E. the "Contact" section to:

  • be informed about the company's business hours
  • be informed in time for the process of services and orders
  • the place in which our company is situated
  • how to communicate with us

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